Silver linings


By 2030 virtually all new registered vehicles in the UK will need to plug in and charge up. No matter what your electric vehicle operation, there’s a cloud set up that can lift its functionality a level or two. Most charging systems come with standard functionality such as access control, tariff setting, analytics and diagnostics. Often as low cost or sometimes free option..

Additional functionality that you should consider is how to balance charging requirements with more vehicles, without needing to upgrade the electricity supply. Dynamic load balancing shares power availability at any one time, with any number of vehicles, according to their charging needs. It's clever stuff that is available from having the right cloud support.

The future will also embrace electricity tariffs that leverage the wholesale energy price such as 'Agile' from Octopus Energy, peer to peer energy sharing, bi directional charging and more. All of which will improve economy and emissions impacts. Names like Virta, Has.To.Be, Hubject, Nuvve and Kaluza will become as common place as Google and Apple today.

Electric Village has close working relationships with key players and innovators in the cloud space. We keep our clients state of the art and ahead of legislation.