Charging as a Service


You are probably familiar with ‘as a service’ models, which replace or reduce initial outlay with subscriptions over an agreed period. If you have other ideas for your CapEx, we can save you time, money and deliver predictable operational expenses.

It's a great way to bring electric vehicle drivers to your business, without the up front commitment, risk or management resource.

Any or all aspects of system can be accounted for, including site planning and installation, hardware, back office support, maintenance and ancillary stuff like parking signs, branding and security bars.

Monthly payments over fixed terms are typically for three and five years.

Electric Village will arrange the procurement of the charging infrastructure on your behalf, with regard for your specific requirements. We will organise the site planning, installation and any legal necessities.

We will discuss with you the opportunity for pricing, given the value of the location, local competition, and other user-sensitive issues. All back office management, maintenance and user access administration will be taken care of.