Charge smart


Smart charging refers to a charging system where electric vehicles, charging stations and charging operators share data connections. Through smart charging, the charging stations may monitor, manage, and restrict the use of charging devices to optimise energy consumption. Compared with uncontrolled charging, smart charging will flatten the electric vehicle electricity usage peak by shifting it away from other big consumption periods.

Smart charging, which is now mandatory in the UK,  can be divided into two charging management systems, user-managed charging  and supplier-managed charging.

When users are in control, a time-of-use tariff is applied. The customer decides the timing to charge based on the price and needs, which aims to push to a specific later time, usually between 9:00 pm and early the following morning.

When the supplier is calling the shots, the charging and discharging decision is made based on multiple signals: real-time energy production, local energy consumption, as well as the state of charge information from nearby electric vehicles and other electric devices. This more dynamic scenario is heading towards a new generation of bi directional charging, also known as vehicle-to-grid (V2G).

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We’ll also recommend important charging policies including pricing, access control, administration rights, energy providers and more. Our expert advice on best practice comes from working with the world’s largest and most experienced charging equipment manufacturers and network operators.