When is the right time for business to invest in electric vehicle charging?

30 Sep

A FREE CONSULTATION with Electric Village will bring clarity. 

We explain the benefits electric vehicle charging brings to business, make sure you are looking at the right equipment and point to Government funding and tax advantages. We will show you what new features are coming down the line, ensuring your decisions are future-proof and allowing you to make an objective ROI assessment.

There are a number of reasons why business charging is so important. 

For instance the workplace is second only to drivers’ homes when it comes to locations where vehicles tend to be parked for long periods (up to eight hours a day). Having access to workplace charging makes electric vehicle ownership feasible for those without off street parking, which includes around 22 per cent of UK homeowners and upwards of 50 per cent in London and other major cities.

There are direct benefits for employers, including the potential for good CSR and progress towards sustainability targets. Also, as more drivers switch over, access to workplace charging will become increasingly important for attracting and retaining staff.

More directly businesses can earn revenue from parking, or provide charging as a service to attract more customers. Technology has developed to the point where shorter periods of charging add good range to vehicles. 

For instance Electric Village is working with UK auto repair centres that are seeing increasing numbers of electric vehicles. We install 25 kW DC rapid chargers that run comfortably off a standard three-phase commercial supply, with no upgrades required. A fully charged hand-over makes for much customer delight and repeat business.

Electric Village is an independent advisory, installation and management company for electric vehicle charging across fleets, commercial destinations and workplaces. 

We have preferential terms with the leading equipment manufacturers, software platforms and installers, so you benefit from our vast experience and buying power. And you get the very best level of aftercare because we remain your charging partner, delivering future-proof solutions in a sector that continues to develop in fast forward.

Our experience is long, reaching back to the first Government demonstration projects that seeded interoperability and payment roaming, to the very latest bi-directional chargers and peer to peer energy sharing. If you are considering your first installations, looking to build on existing plans or simply interested in knowing what’s coming next, we can only add value.

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