Electric vehicle charging 'as a service'. Is the revenue-based model possible yet?

16 Nov

Gone are the days when the only electric car in the company car park was the finance director’s Tesla. Soon we are all going to be parking-up in a plug-in. 

Businesses need electric vehicle charging points. They need a way to control electricity consumption by staff and on site charging protocols to manage usage. However, with typical workplace installations running into tens if not hundreds of thousands of Pounds, how close are we to net revenues making a profitable virtue out of necessity?

ChargeWork, developed by electric village, is a fully managed workplace parking solution that has zero cost impact on the bottom line because of its revenue generation and unique funding model.

Electric vehicle adoption is happening fastest in the corporate sector. Generous incentives and tax breaks such as zero benefit-in-kind are encouraging the plug-in switch. In the UK fleet and corporate vehicles account for over half of all sales. Company drivers - there are over one million - also clock up three times as many miles, according to the AA around 18,000 each year.

By 2030 there will be four million company electric vehicles, around 10 per cent of the UK Parc, accounting for £10.6 billion in electricity consumption. 

Electric Village estimates that up to 30 per cent of this spend will take place in the company car park. 

ChargeWork is universally accepted. It meets with the approval of all car brands for connectivity and safe charging. ChargeWork also makes the dreams of electricity providers come true because it balances loads through peak demand periods, meaning no supply upgrades are needed. 

The smart reporting platform adds zero emission savings to a company’s sustainability goals by tracking the timing and cost of every kWh. And it manages business mileage expenses.

ChargeWork is hugely convenient for employees driving electric vehicles. In addition to workplaces they also have seamless access to a 98,000-and-growing network of public charging points around the UK and Europe.

The platform brings accuracy and efficiency to multiple site reporting and even home charging. It gives business the edge in recruiting the best employees by offering vehicle charging as part of your employee benefits and perks package. And it increases employee retention, engagement and workplace satisfaction by allowing staff to charge their vehicles on site.

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