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Electric Village is an independent advisory, installation and management company for electric vehicle charging across fleets, commercial destinations and workplaces. We have preferential terms with the leading equipment manufacturers, software platforms and installers, so you benefit from our vast experience and buying power. And you get the very best level of aftercare because we remain your charging partner, delivering future-proof solutions in a sector that continues to develop in fast forward.

Our experience is long, reaching back to the first Government demonstration projects that seeded interoperability and payment roaming, to the very latest bi-directional chargers and peer to peer energy sharing. If you are considering your first installations, looking to build on existing plans or simply interested in knowing what’s coming next, we can only add value.


Building owners you no longer have to think about providing electric vehicle charging for residents

100% funded, fully managed plug-in vehicle charging for residents, as a subscription service

The major hurdle we overcome in getting an apartment building car park up and running with electric vehicle charging infrastructure is the big outlay. We implement a fully funded, maintained and managed solution that supports itself over the years from resident subscription charges. 

The strategy to increase the uptake of electric vehicles is backed by new Government funding and venture capital. We recognise that without our intervention apartment residents are unable to switch to driving electric cars because of the difficulty of installing a home charging point in their allocated but landlord owned apartment parking space. Equally landlords are unwilling to invest in charging infrastructure until there is evidence of significant electric vehicle adoption by residents.

We all agree that plug-ins are the way forward. There is only one thing holding us back. Cables!

Nothing to see here

The HEVO wireless charging system for plug-in vehicles is now available in the UK. It is the first wireless charging system that meets all the new global standards and specifications approved by the automotive industry. The technology is well proven. In fact it has actually been around longer than the electric vehicle. It's also powerful and fast. HEVO chargers deliver 11 kW DC straight into the vehicle's battery. That's over 40 miles per hour of charge.

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Six electric vehicle charging essentials


Silver linings

Cloud support future-proofs your investment

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Detailed site survey

Charging quality and reliability begins with the right foundation

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Five-year warranty

Uptime defines a successful charging installation

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Charge smart

We only recommend intelligent, scalable solutions

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Charging as a Service

Manageable, predictable payment covers equipment, installation and support, gets you off the ground

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Help with funding

Government and HMRC funding schemes

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Delphi's new inverter enables electrical systems up to 800 volts, significantly extending electric vehicle (EV) range and halving charging times compared with today’s 400 volt systems.

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